Cooking Tots Subscription Boxes for budding Bakers!

Every Mini Baker deserves a treat every month, with our Cooking Tots Subscription Box you can order your Mini Chef a Baking and Activity Box to arrive on your doorstep every month.

Each month the box will:
- Be personally addressed to your child
- Be based on a different theme and new recipe every month
- Include all the dry baking ingredients you need to create that month’s recipe (you will need the wet ingredients, such as butter, eggs etc)
- A craft or activity based on that month’s theme
- A recipe card so you can recreate the recipe again and again

They include free postage and packaging and the box will fit through your letterbox. 

If you are buying a Gift why not take a look at our Voucher Option where they can select when to start their subscription.

Boxes are suitable for 18Months – 8 Years
If there are any allergies, please contact prior to ordering.

Unsutiable for those with a Gluten / Wheat / Dairy / Soya or Nut Allergy.

Cooking Tots Subscription Box

Please Select

Please note the Subscriptions cannot be cancelled until the end of the Subscription period.


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