Cooking Tots

Cooking Tots encourages Toddlers & Young Children to be pro-active in the Kitchen. 

Originally established in early 2017 as a Parent & Toddler Cooking Group which encouraged children from 18-months to become involved in Baking to develop key skills and try out new foods they wouldn't necessarily have done before. 

Following the success of the classes and regular bakers starting their school journeys and new toddlers keen to start their baking journey ' Cooking Tots Subscription Boxes' were launched in 2018!


Delivered Monthly Direct to your door personally addressed 

to your little one!


One-Off Options & Various


Subscription Packages all with free


Postage & Packaging to fit through


your letterbox!


Explore a different theme with a themed bake & craft every month such as Under The Sea, Ancient Egypt, In the Jungle...

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